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Fuck every single fuckin god damn bitch motha
Fuck a new single imma play my old shit imma
Take a ho dick down on the center ice if you
Messin with the ticket you gon pay the whole price hold a

Finger in your eyeball til you go blind
Bitch you need a tylenol when you meet brian
Hate a dumb bitch that’s my mothafuckin problem
When i bang a dumb bitch i dont bring a fuckin condom

I drop a xanny and a oxy and i lean with it
White in the packet and im poppin on a bean with it
Care package got the whole mothafuckin team lit a
Pair of Backwoods Actin like you never seen swishers

Sarah got the face but she never got the wiener
Swear she wanna hang but i’ll never fuckin meet her
Both sell weed but i sell mine cheaper
Imma fuck ya whole team like brian baliga bitch

Shut up (who’s that) man it's Brian baliga Brian baliga
Man ya tryna put ya feet up? hell naw man it's Brian baliga brian baliga
Ladies clawin at my jeans why they tryna touch my penis (whose penis?) Brian Baliga’s
Watch a movie every scene there's one dude I keep seeing and I thought that it was me but it was Brian baliga

Watchin world wrestling it was chyna vs John cena
Watch a girl text me her vagina with her mom’s beeper
Papa johns sausage hella hot sauce on john’s fingers
Wash it down flossin on god with a COD liter

Sippin codeine in the sauna we just
boppin with some boppers when it’s hot we need vagina
Yeah i’m saucin on the coppers bitch i’m drivin like my grandma had
A thousand fuckin bars and i cant find my fuckin handle

Presents please. Grab em. Why do i look like im santa
Luscious duncan smokin phantom i'll put ya girl ass on a mantle
Rental car with ya mamma im puttin my dick in her fanta
Wanta wanta yeah I'm gonna smash bro like Im playin captain falcon


from TRIGGER WARNING, released July 18, 2017



all rights reserved


LUSCIOUS DUNCAN Chicago, Illinois

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